Climate change, the African context

Despite contributing only 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, Africa remains the most vulnerable region to the effects of climate change. However, many of the voices dominating climate change conversations are those of journalists from the Global North. We want to diversify the narrative pool so that climate information can become more accessible to African communities. Because of this, Acquire by Pin Africa has made it a top priority to teach storytellers about climate change.

Improving the capacity of African journalists and storytellers to lead the conversation will help inform Africans of the current realities of the world’s climate condition. This will lead to using local voices to encourage communities to buy into climate action and lead climate adaptation measures. Without community buy-in, action remains inconsistent.

The course provides aspiring African climate reporters with the foundational knowledge, skills, and resources they need to get started with climate reporting. Furthermore, Pin Africa provides participants who successfully complete the course with the opportunity to publish their first climate story to a global audience.

In this event, our panelists will discuss how storytelling can be used to garner community support for climate action and drive climate adaptation measures. They will also discuss the importance of telling climate stories to local communities in Africa and the role of journalists in leading the conversation on climate change.

This event will feature a panel of climate change experts, established climate and environmental storytellers, and a speaker from a climate action agency. Our e-course instructor, Kiundu Waweru, an experienced environmental journalist, will also answer climate change questions from our course participants.

The event will be moderated by seasoned journalist, editor, and Pin Africa’s podcast commissioner, Belinda Otas.

Join this event if:
  • You want to understand how to use storytelling to encourage communities to support climate action and lead climate adaptation strategies.
  • You want to learn more about the significance of African voices in climate narratives.
  • You want to learn about climate and environment reporting from an African perspective.
  • You want to learn more about incorporating local communities into climate reporting.
  • You are enrolled in Acquire’s climate course.
  • You’re working on climate-related stories.
  • You have questions about our course for our instructor.


Our Panelists



Belinda Otas, seasoned journalist, editor & media expert



If you are an aspiring African journalist who wishes to take our ‘Fundamentals of Climate and Environmental Reporting’ e-course, please click here.

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Jun 12 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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