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How much does the course cost?

All courses and training provided by Pin Africa & Acquire are FREE of charge once users register to become a member of the Pin Africa community.

How long does the course last?

The courses are self-paced, so you can do them at your own speed but you must complete each section before moving to the next section.

Who can apply to participate?

Our courses are open to individuals in Africa or the diaspora wanting to expand their skills and knowledge in Media.

Do you only provide your courses in English?

Yes, our courses are currently delivered in English, so you will need an understanding of English to complete the courses.

What if I fail a section?

You will have more than one chance to resit a section and will be able to chart your progress so you know where you are in the process.

What will I gain from taking a course, what are my future prospects?

You will receive a digital certificate of completion once all modules are completed. Taking this course will boost your resume, build your portfolio and gain credibility in the industry.

Do you provide work opportunities?

YES! There will be opportunities for students to gain some work experience by creating content which will then be published through Pin Africa’s platform. You will also be given access to the Alumni community which has endless access to possible connections for future projects. You will also become an important member of the Alumni community and help to keep it vibrant, dynamic and supportive.

What is the difference between Pin Africa and Acquire?

Pin Africa is a digital storytelling platform with a vibrant community of online users amplifying the work of talented journalists and content creators from Africa and the diaspora to amplify stories from their communities to a global audience. Acquire is a mission-led initiative created by Pin Africa. Acquire provides aspiring African journalists and storytellers with the expertise, skills, resources, network, and experience needed to shape the future of journalism in Africa and diaspora.

Will there be more courses available in future?

Yes. To find out when new courses are available and to keep up-to-date with the latest from Acquire, sign up to our Newsletter.

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I looked at the courses and I think I might actually be able to be a course facilitator. How do I connect with you?

Great! If you have skills and professional experience in an area of journalism that would be suitable for the Acquire training platform, please complete the Work with Us form (unfortunately we can only reply to successful candidates).

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Help us continue our groundbreaking work by making a donation today!