Training programmes

Our first-class training courses provide free training to aspiring African storytellers, journalists, filmmakers and content creators, on the foundational techniques of digital storytelling. Using various multimedia formats such as videos, podcasts, visual journalism and articles to tell authentic immersive stories and empowering aspiring storytellers with the tools, resources, skills and network required for a successful career in journalism.

Media mentorship

We have a network of mentors who come from the best media organisations in Africa and the world- covering print, TV, radio, digital, investigative & documentary journalism.


Our initiatives provide training in filmmaking and offer fellowships, workshops, accelerators, and more.

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E-learning Courses

Acquire E-Learning provides self-paced courses that give users the skills they need to cover stories in their communities and bring them to a global audience with confidence and accuracy.


Introduction to Digital Journalism


The Fundamentals of Credible Storytelling


The Fundamentals of Climate & Environmental Reporting

Pathways and specialisms

These are quarterly cohort-based online and offline trainings offered across Africa and the Diaspora.


Students are taught how to use visual and digital tools to improve user experiences and highlight authentic voices from their communities.


Our Specialism programme teaches African journalists and storytellers how to report on specific topics such as gender equality, investigative reporting, and climate change in a digital format for a global audience.


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Help us continue our groundbreaking work by making a donation today!
Help us continue our groundbreaking work by making a donation today!