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The Acquire Centre for Journalism and Media Development

Located in the bustling heart of Africa's second-largest city, Kinshasa, the Acquire Centre emerges as a dynamic hub for journalistic excellence and media innovation.

As an integral part of Acquire by Pin Africa, our centre is resolutely committed to empowering journalists, media professionals, and civil society organisations. We provide them with the essential skills, tools, and platforms needed to effectively navigate and positively influence the media landscape across Central, French-speaking Africa and the whole continent.

Our Vision & Programmes


In a time when accurate information is both invaluable and challenging to procure, the Acquire Centre aspires to foster media independence and enhance civic education throughout the continent. Our comprehensive approach combines in-depth training, digital innovation, and meaningful community engagement. We equip media practitioners with the critical ability to report with accuracy, craft compelling narratives, and uphold democratic ideals.


We have carefully crafted our curriculum to address the complex demands of modern journalism and media production. Covering a wide range of subjects from investigative journalism and ethical reporting to digital media strategies and civic reporting, our programmes are designed to reinforce the pillars of a free and informed press. Additionally, our emphasis on media literacy and fact-checking skills equips our trainees to counter misinformation and contribute to well-informed communities.

Our courses are not only comprehensive but also come with a certification accredited by recognised industry standards, specifically aimed at Congolese and central African countries. This ensures that our trainees receive education and training that is relevant and respected within the region. From investigative journalism to digital media literacy and ethical reporting, our curriculum is meticulously tailored to meet the evolving needs of the media sector. This professional training and certification prepare our participants for the challenges of modern media, enhancing their career prospects and impact in the field.

Our commitment to accessibility and innovation is embodied in our use of the Acquire by Pin Africa digital learning platform. This online resource extends our reach, offering courses and materials that make premier journalistic education accessible to individuals across the continent, including those in remote areas.

As an integral addition to our existing English newsroom, Pin Africa, the Pin Afrique Newsroom expands our reach to serve French-speaking audiences. Pin Afrique focuses on delivering news and stories that resonate with Francophone communities, aiming to provide a broader, more inclusive perspective of the African continent. This dedicated platform allows our trained journalists to utilise their newly acquired skills in a practical setting, producing content that not only challenges but also enriches the African narrative on a global scale.

At the core of our dedication to media innovation is our Innovation Lab. Here, we explore emerging media technologies and storytelling techniques, ensuring that journalists can flourish even within restrictive environments. The lab is a breeding ground for projects and products that transcend conventional journalism, encouraging innovation and creativity.

Recognising the power of open dialogue, the Acquire Centre actively cultivates relationships between journalists and the communities they serve. Through a series of workshops, forums, and collaborative initiatives, we bridge the divide between media professionals and the public. This ensures that media not only serves as an effective tool for empowerment and accountability but also reflects the true voice of the community.

Our Location: Kinshasa

Kinshasa's rich cultural and historical backdrop makes it an exemplary setting for the Acquire Centre. Its pivotal position in Africa facilitates unparalleled opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration, networking, and idea exchange, creating a conducive environment for journalistic growth and innovation.

Help us continue our groundbreaking work by making a donation today!
Help us continue our groundbreaking work by making a donation today!